Current status

All systems operational

Past incidents

SBG3 OVH machine restored

EN: Thanks to the OVH team, we were able to start our server in france. Unfortunately we have lost some data, but fortunately not much. Everything is back in operation, some services may still need some slowdowns in the night.

IT: Grazie al team di OVH, siamo riusciti ad avviare il nostro server in francia. Purtroppo abbiamo perso dei dati, ma non molti per fortuna. Tutto è rientrato operativo, alcuni servizi potrebbero servire ancora dei rallentamenti nella notte

Services Destroyed (Updated)

EN: After more research, we have identified that one of our servers hosting Video Encoding and Api V.2 is located in the SBG3 facility (next to SBG2). It appears that SBG3 has not taken much damage, compared to SBG1. But at the moment OVH is unable to restore electricity.

IT: Dopo maggiori ricerche, abbiamo individuato che uno dei nostri server che ospita Video Encoding e Api V.2 si trova nella struttura SBG3 (affianco a SBG2). Sembra che SBG3 non abbia subito molti danni, rispetto a SBG1. Ma al momento OVH non è in grado di ripristinare corrente elettrica.

Services Destroyed

On the night of 10/03/2021 an accident occurred at the OVH headquarters in Strasbourg. A fire destroyed the SBG2 datacenter. There is nothing to recover from it. As for the other 3 nearby datacenters it seems that SBG1 & SBG4 have not received much damage, and therefore should start again by Monday 15th March. As for the SBG3 datacenter, it should only partially restart, as some machines have been damaged. From SBG2 there is nothing to recover.

We will wait for news from OVH. At the moment our V.2 APIs (which fortunately managed very few services compared to API V.1) are unreachable.